Wednesday, January 27, 2016

And the Winner Was--Kohl's

Thursday, we started on a 4 day trip to Colorado for a birthday party. When we arrived in Albuquerque to spend the night, we realized we had left my down coat and our suitcase back in Arizona! That meant almost all of our clothes, my shoes for the party, etc. We did have the kit with medicine and toothbrushes, etc. What to do now?

We decided to wear the same clothes the next day, then head to Kohl's when we reached Littleton, where we were spending two nights with our son Eric and his family.

Friday, that is what we did. Only $181.00 later, we were set (we thought) for the rest of our trip. It seems, we didn't do very well buying the right side. I have two things to return, including the shoes I bought. John has one purchase.

But, at least we had clean underwear and John had new pants and sweater. Thankfully, my good clothes were on a hanger and we remembered that. And we got along with John's down coat, a heavy flannel shirt and a light fleece jacket I had in my backpack.

We were glad we didn't have to wear our dirty jeans to the party.


  1. I'm sorry, but this made me LOL. You go on a trip and forget your suitcase! Are you RVers, or what?

    1. That's right, we really don't even know how to pack, much less remember to put it in the truck.