Monday, January 04, 2016

Travels in 2015

We had a busy year in 2015, but I was amazed to find we had only driven our truck (our only vehicle) 10,666 miles, and only 4004 of those miles were towing our 5th-wheel trailer.  What amazed me most about these numbers was that we used to put about 15,000 miles a year on one of our cars before we retired. My commuting mileage alone was over 7,000 miles a year.

In 2015 we were traveling from May 1 to October 10, spending time in 28 campgrounds during that time, visiting two of them twice.  Almost all of our driving--6,159 miles--was done here in Arizona before May 1 and after Oct. 10.  We spent time in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. 

It was a fun year, especially the time we spent exploring central Colorado and parts of Utah, visiting many places we had not been to in years.

Our truck uses diesel fuel and it was pretty expensive at the beginning of the year.  As you all know, those prices decreased over the months.  The least expensive diesel was $1.59 a gallon--just last week here in Arizona.  Those fuel points from shopping for gift cards at Fry's saved us 40 cents a gallon!  Unfortunately, that was a one-time purchase.  Our total fuel cost for last year was $2,550. 

We haven't made our plans for 2016, but we look forward to another great year.

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