Saturday, October 03, 2015

So Far, So Good

Outside, at least. Yesterday Scott with RV Doctor in northern Colorado installed a new front hydraulic landing gear on the passenger side of our 5th wheel. That meant we were free to leave Wellington and start our journey south. It seems to be working just fine--not drifting down while we drive.

Now we have to deal with the effects of the terrible Colorado highways. We came into Colorado in early October, driving on I-70. It was terrible--very bumpy. Over the years, they have made many sections of the road concrete, so each seam is a small bump. It is noisy and irritating. Today, we drove south on I-25 to Colorado Springs. Not only did we have to deal with concrete sections, they are in the midst of repaving. They are using asphalt, but they haven't done the bridges yet in many places. There were really horrible bumps. If we could have gone really slow--maybe 45 or so, at times even slower--we might have been OK. But the highway is busy and we had to stay somewhat close to the speed limit.

We were not happy campers when we came inside to put out the slides. The cabinet where I keep recipe books came open and books and loose recipes were spread out everywhere. I have magazines in a container that travels in my chair while we travel. It had bounced out of the chair, dumping all the magazines onto my bookcase. In addition, one shelf in a bookcase fell and the drawer in a small table was falling out. Then I discovered that the MCI day/night roller shade fell out of the rear window. That is a bear to re-attach. Obviously, we didn't get to relax as soon as we were set up.

We can't wait to get out of this state. Thank goodness, we will be in New Mexico. Hopefully, their roads are better.


  1. Oh my goodness...sounds familiar!!! You are in New Mexico...come by and see us at Sevilleta!!!

  2. Guess we've been lucky as we haven't been on any really bad roads in CO. But then we stay off the interstates.