Thursday, October 01, 2015

One finished, waiting for repair

After our brother-in-law's funeral on Monday, we spent two nights at our son Eric's home, enjoying quality time with him, his wife Liz and children Kylie and John. Since we travel and spend our winters in Arizona, we don't have nearly as much time with this family as we did when we only lived a few miles from them. So, it was good to have two good evenings to eat delicious dinners and share their busy lives.

We had a good time hearing about their school lives--both parents are teachers and, of course, the young people are in school.

I was amazed at how focused our grandchildren were on their homework. Both have swimming practice after school, so study time in the evening is limited. In this photo, you can see Kylie (while listening to music on her ear phones) working on a paper while Liz and the rest of us were talking and having a good time. The previous night, John sat in that same spot and read a book while we talked. I guess they have learned to concentrate in a noisy environment. They are both good students.

Now we wait anxiously for the RV repairman to come tomorrow and, hopefully, replace our faulty front hydraulic landing gear. If so, Saturday, we finally head south toward Arizona and our winter home.

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