Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Settling In in Arizona

We've now been in our winter home in Arizona since Saturday. We were so glad to get here, but it certainly hasn't been a relaxing few days. When we left at the end of April, the construction of our addition wasn't quite complete. It is so good to see everything finished and the new paint job.

The workshop is on the back side of the carport you can see in this photo.

We love the new brown color (John really didn't like the original pink sandstone color).

It has been years since we ended our summer travels by moving out of the RV and into a house. Last winter when this house was ready, we slowly moved over all we needed from the RV. Today, we think we have almost totally moved into the house for the next six months or so. It is a lot of work! Saturday and Sunday, we were up and down the four steps to the RV, moving food and clothing from one place to the other.

Monday, we started equipping our empty work shop. That included ordering a stack-able washer-dryer, a water softener and a utility sink. The local Lowe's was glad when we came through their front door. We were also looking for some outdoor furniture. I think in years past, they have had lots on display. This year, the Christmas decorations are already on display in Lowe's, Home Depot, Costco and Wal-Mart, so we had very little to choose from--and bought nothing.

In addition to those purchases, I went on-line and ordered a scroll saw and small wood lathe. Next, we have to find a workbench and storage cabinet. Snowbirds like us certainly are good for the local Arizona economy. And we are having a lot of fun getting the workshop and laundry ready to use.


  1. Your house looks great!
    One thing I really love about full-timing is not having to pack and unpack.

  2. I hear you about the job of moving between the RV and house. In the heat yet. When it cools down we'll have to do a hike.

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  4. A hike sounds good--when the temps are cooler. It should be soon, according to the news.

  5. So glad you made it "home". enjoy

  6. I really like your house...that style!!! Looks like y'all have some diamond willow walking sticks too. Glad for you getting things set up. Welcome home.