Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween

If you enjoy this holiday on the last day of October, I hope you have a good celebration. I have to tell you, it isn't my favorite holiday. In fact, since our sons were out of grade school, at least, I have disliked the day. I didn't like coming up with costume ideas for the boys. The night was often cold and I really wasn't wild about taking them around the neighborhood, trick or treating. After they left home, we often turned out all the lights and spent the evening in the basement so we wouldn't have to buy and hand out candy. I didn't mind giving it away. But it was bad for my waistline when I ate everything we didn't give away.

And I especially didn't like having to wear a costume on the few occasions when my job required me to be dressed up.

But, in case you do like this day, I share with you the decorations a few of our neighbors put out for the event.


  1. I love Halloween! As a kid, I loved coming up with a costume and participating in the local parade. Then when my girls were young, they would pick what they wanted to be and either I or they would make it happen. Of course we didn't live in freezing cold Colorado.

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  3. You are more in the mainstream than me.

  4. Halloween in VT sometimes came with snow. So glad not to deal with it anymore.