Saturday, December 27, 2014

About Finished

We are about finished--infusing cash into the Arizona economy, that is. Since arriving in early October, we have bought a house, contracted to have the concrete paving and a workshop/storage room built, bought furniture, dishes, silverware and many more items so we could live in the home.

Today, we purchased a set of kitchen knives and pans. That allows us to return pans and knives to our RV. We did not want to have to transfer dishes, pans and other kitchen equipment back and forth when we came to Arizona for the winter or left for our summer travels. Believe me, Bed, Bath and Beyond has been really happy we came to town this year.

On top of all this, yesterday I became eligible for an upgrade to my iPhone. So, guess what I bought today. An iPhone 6+. It will be so fun to use and I will be able to really read the email and websites on the new, larger screen. My phone is the one we use most when we are out and about and the new, larger screen will really help.

Now it is time for someone else to take over support of the local economy. Just about the only thing we still need for the house are a couple of ceiling fans.


  1. We look forward to seeing your house, and Jim looks forward to seeing your new iPhone!

  2. Well, don't look at us to take over. But we're always happy to see others support the economy.

    1. Really, we blame you for this. If we can't hike with you every week, what can we do but shop?