Thursday, December 12, 2013

We're Done!

Today, we finished our Christmas shopping. We got started right after Thanksgiving by shopping at the Epiphany boutique. We headed out to the mall a few days later. Some items were ordered online. Yesterday we mailed a box of gifts to our son and family in New Hampshire. And today we finished shopping for our Colorado family. I went online to order a e-gift card and we scoured the Country Store. This is an assembly of merchants who offer their wares here at the resort every Thursday through the winter. I don't think we were the only people doing holiday shopping today. It was pretty busy.

It is amazing how many different types of products are on sale. There are scarves for your favorite football team

musical instruments made out of discarded materials

baseball hats for anyone and everyone

women's scarves

flowers, both fresh and artificial

lots and lots and lots of jewelry

and purses of every size, shape and color.

You can buy fresh vegetables

(what is special about these, do you imagine?),

get your hair cut

or prepare to share you adult beverages with others.

We went home to get a couple of knives so this fellow could sharpen them for us. Would you believe, he chased us halfway across the parking lot to give us a refund of $5 because he overcharged us? Now that is an honest businessman we will visit again!

Don't you love the Kettle Corn Guy's hat? And he gives out the best samples! Someday we will have to buy some. It is so good.

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