Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nativity Sets

In addition to the beautiful Christmas lights, the LDS Temple had a wonderful display of nativity sets. Each year, private individuals around the Mesa area loan their nativity scenes for display at this time. They have been collected from all over the world. Especially since I have several small sets myself and our daughter-in-law Liz collects them, we were very interested in the display. There is no way I could show all the photos we took, but here are a few. They vary from the simple and handmade to those made of fine china.

This is just one wall of the room where the display was located.

This is a simple display.

Fine wood carving.

This set is from Kenya.

And one made of fine china.

These figures come from Russia.

And a set from Mexico

I believe these are Precious Moments figures, aren't they?

A set from Nicaragua.

And one from Peru.

We have been spending time in the wood shop, doing intarsia. What is that, you ask? If is a form of mosaic, using wood. Our projects are very simple and I will blog about them later. But just look at this incredible intarsia Nativity.


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