Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Beautiful Lights

The lights in the palm trees were the first thing we saw as we approached the Mesa LDS Temple's Christmas lights display. Before we realized we had arrived, John thought some RV park had really gone out of the way in putting lights in the tops of the palm trees. But is wasn't an RV park and the palm trees weren't the only things strung with lights.

It was truly a wonderland.

A reflecting pool doubled the light show.

It also provided a beautiful view of the temple.

In addition to pretty lights, the displays did a good job of telling the real story of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ.
A beautiful star shone above the lowly stable.

Mary and Joseph's trip to Bethlehem and the shepherds who were the first to learn of the Savior's birth were also depicted.

The wisemen and the camels were also shown. Here is one of them.

The full moon peaked out through clouds over the display of lights.

We saw at least two tour buses that had brought visitors to see the lights.

Each evening, a different group provides entertainment for a half hour each evening. We heard the Mountain View High School Chorale perform.

They used lights none of us had ever seen before. We wondered where they found maybe?

Here are some of the other displays.

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