Friday, August 16, 2013

Great Veggies

We headed out to the grocery store this morning (actually, to the Super Walmart). On the way, we stopped at the Woodland Park Farmers Market. We have had several bad experiences with such events, but one of the rangers was eating a beautiful tomato she bought there last week, so we decided to give it a try.

Just look at these beautiful vegetables! At this stand, we were given a sample taste of their tomatoes. We returned on our way out to buy some. As a matter of fact, look at all we bought. The peaches are from Palisade and the corn from Olathe--both tops in Colorado-grown foods. We ate the corn this evening and it was wonderful.

There were booths for everything from beauty products to birdhouses to music, as well as garden produce. Even duck eggs.

Look at this cute gift shop we spotted when we parked out truck.


  1. We like to go to farmers markets but most of the time they aren't that great. We really enjoyed the Palisades peaches and Olathe corn we got last summer in CO.

  2. We're currently in Missoula, MT, which seems to take great pride in their multiple farmers markets. We bought some kale with some of the WINs say is really tasty and good for you too. With the way we eat, we need all the help we can get.