Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Camping With Nana and Papa

Sunday evening, our grandchildren from Littleton came for a 3-day visit.  Kylie is 13 and John is 8.  Their parents, our son Eric and his wife Liz, had dinner with us, then returned home.  It has been raining every day for 2 weeks or more so it was inevitable that we ended up eating inside after John grilled the hamburgers in the rain.

We still had a good visit before they left.  Then it was time to make sleeping arrangements.  Our RV doesn't have a couch.  We have two La-z-boy chairs and one other chair.  So Kylie and John brought a small cot and an inflatable mattress.  We moved around the furniture and worked at assembling the cot and blowing up the mattress.  This is what it looked like the next morning before the grandchildren woke up.

We really enjoyed exploring the area, going to a gold mine and riding a train and looking at dinosaurs, and spending time with Kylie and John. Those details will be included in future posts.

Yesterday afternoon, Eric returned to spend the night, then take his children home this morning. Of course, it rained again. So John again cooked outside in the rain, brats this time. Eric had originally planned to sleep in his tent, but conveniently forgot to bring it, so Nana and Papa's inside campground became a little more crowded. He, too, had an inflatable mattress. We found a way to fit all three beds in our living room-kitchen. This is what that area looked like at bedtime last night.

Nana and Papa's campground may have a hard floor, but it is dry and warm.

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  1. So Eric forgot his tent, but remembered the inflatable mattress? Hummm