Thursday, August 01, 2013

The Past Is Past

Earlier this week, I drove through the neighborhood we lived in from 1992 until we became full-time RVers in January 2009.  I remembered our good times there, including lots of family dinners, entertaining family and friends, long walks on the paths through the subdivision.  I thought back to the times we walked from the house to the nearby playground with our oldest granddaughter, Kylie, when she was 4 and 5 years old.  And I had a clear memory of the first time I saw the neighborhood and called our real estate agents, asking if he could find us a house there.

Those were good memories.  And I still have good thoughts about the house every month when we receive a check from the couple who has been renting it since May of 2009.  But do I have any desire to live there again?  NO.  I don't want all that space.  I have no interest in the lifestyle we had then.  As nice as the house is, the view out the windows never changes.  I don't miss keeping up the yard and cleaning gutters and shoveling snow. We spent most of our time around the house, not exploring the area.  And I have absolutely no need for all that space.  A 36 ft RV  (soon to be a 34 ft RV) is all I need or want.  I love our life on the road and have no desire to change it at this point.

Seeing our old house and neighborhood really affirmed how right this lifestyle is.  And John agrees.

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