Sunday, July 28, 2013

What Else Do We Do?

We don't have cabins to clean every day we work. So, how do we fill our time? We spent a lot of time the first month or so helping clean vault toilets and restrooms. After all the summer seasonal workers arrived, we cleaned and organized the maintenance shop and cabin storage areas.

For the last month we have been refurbishing some wooden signs that are posted at hiking trail junctions. We remove the signs and sand off the old finish, then John repaints the letters.

I varnish the front of the signs and sometimes the back. Then we go out and reattach the sign to its post.

One of those poles had rotted out and had to be replaced. That meant we had to dig a new hole. John used a heavy bar to break up the ground, then we took turns with the post hole digger.

In some cases, the edges and back of the sign are painted to match the pole, so I touch up the brown paint on the sign after we put it back on the pole.

We have enjoyed the task. Not only can we do the work whenever we have free time, it allows us to hike the trails, picking up the signs and putting them back in place. We only have a couple more to do, however. So we will be looking for more new tasks in the next two months.


  1. Good job! I appreciate a nice trail sign.

  2. Those jobs look so familiar...same kind of things we have done. Yes, it gets us out on the trails!

  3. I wish all the volunteers were like you..we were sent to a site that was impossible to get to...