Thursday, July 11, 2013

We Did It

Late last fall, after returning from our trip to Alaska, we realized we would need a new RV in the next couple of years.  We decided to check out what was available, visiting dealers and attending RV shows.  With that input, we knew we would need a 1-ton truck because everything we liked weighed more than our current 2009 Montana.  We decided to buy a new truck in 2013 and wait till next year to buy a new trailer.

In May we bought the truck.  And it now seems we aren't very good at postponing gratification.  Today we put a down payment on a 2014 Mobile Suites that will be custom built to meet our needs.  It will probably be a couple of months before we will be able to take possession.

Each of our previous 3 5th-wheel trailers we have bought almost on the spur of the moment.  Two we bought right off the lot.  Our current RV was built after we made our selection, only because the model on the dealer's lot had already been sold.  We ended up with the next one of that model delivered.

While shopping last fall, we discovered that Mobile Suites allows buyers to make any number of choices, deleting some items, replacing them with others.  With Montana, you just take the furniture they include.  With this unit, we could take what is stock, delete all the furniture, or make substitutions.  We are adding a window and some electrical outlets, for instance.

The purchase has been complicated by the fact there are no Mobile Suites dealers in Colorado.  We researched online in the Suites Owners forum, we emailed a rep at the factory and we sought quotes from dealers in Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee.  Now, 45 to 50 emails later and hours of research on the computer and looking over quotes, we have finally placed the order.

Now we will spend 2 months waiting.  Every time I open a cupboard or put something away, I wonder where those items will be in the new trailer.  At least, the waiting won't take as much  effort as all the planning has.


  1. Wow it seems fantastic ,new 5w&truck,send some pictures and good luck with the RIG-ENJOY

  2. How exciting! How about some details? How long? What model? Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. It's a 32TK3--telescoping kitchen 3 slides. It is just under 34 feet long. You can be sure we will post lots of photos when we get it.

  3. Mobile Suites seems to be a great brand.

  4. That's exciting news - I hope you enjoy your new "digs." :-)

  5. How exciting! We've always been impressed with Mobile Suites.

  6. That's going to be a long two months but you can spend your time planning...what fun.