Monday, July 01, 2013

Flowers and Wildlife

Every time we go outside, we see more wildflowers blooming. It is so much fun to see them. I try to identify them, using this great website I learned about in a comment from Susan Alton. There are still times I am not sure which flower is which. Whether I know the name or not, they are beautiful.
Sawsepal penstemon

This is whiskbroom parsley, I think.

There was a lot of wild iris, but we didn't get close enough to photograph them till they were about done blooming.


This is called milkvetch, a very ugly name I think.  But the pretty flowers bloom in white, pink and light purple.

In places they are very profuse.

I have seen this shrub for years and finally determined it is shrubby cinquefoil.

This, of course, is Indian Paintbrush.  It has just started to bloom around here.

I think this is a Parry geranium.

But there is more than flowers out there. Last week we saw this mule deer doe and her two fawns.

Now if we could see some elk with their calves.

We also saw wild turkey.

This golden mantled ground squirrel hangs out in front of our RV.


We also have a chipmunk that likes to sit on our step and eat dandelion flowers. That little one always runs away when we walk up.

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  1. I just read this blog (I'm a month behind on some!). Thanks for the shout out.