Tuesday, January 08, 2013

It's Getting Busy Here!

This is the first year we have stayed in Mesa after January 1. In previous years, we have left for volunteer assignments. We knew the resort filled up for the first three months of the year, but this is the first time we have experienced it.

Sunday we learned they were expecting 40 spaces to be filled over the weekend! That means somewhere near 80 new people would be arriving. Yesterday, two RV sites behind us and two park models across the street were newly occupied. Each day we see new people walking around, checking out who is where. There is a lot more traffic.

When we arrived in October, there were lots of empty RV spaces and the majority of the park models were still empty. Today, other than park models that are for sale, almost all of them have their winter residents in place. And the majority of the RV sites are occupied.

It will be interesting to see what life is like when this "city" is really full.

Looking to the future, we have now confirmed a volunteer position for the summer. We will spend five months in Colorado, working at Mueller State Park in Divide. That is a park we have camped in numerous times in the past. We love it there and will enjoy a summer in the Colorado mountains. We will be close to Eric and his family in Littleton, as well as John's brother and sister in Canon City and a sister in Fort Collins. Once we adjust to the 9,000 foot elevation, it should be a great summer.

This is a picture of our RV site. The red truck is parked where our RV will be located. Look at the view!


  1. Seems that you guys are organized for the year,enjoy the winter and your volunteer work at Mueller State Park in Colorado.

  2. We were in that area last year. Nice.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that your blog was just added to our family at HitchUpandGo. Happy Travels. Tim R. Enright