Sunday, January 06, 2013


If nothing else is going on, you can always go shopping. So that is what we did yesterday. Once every year we visit the Mesa Swap Meet. It isn't as big and isn't focused just on RVers, but it is a small version of the Big Tent at Quartzite. Actually, I had already been to the Swap Meet, but John hadn't. That is where I shopped for the stocking-stuffer gifts I bought him for Christmas.

The booths in the tent structure include purveyors of "As Seen on TV", jewelry, health foods, hot tubs, windows and doors, and lots of tools.

Several shops sell cell phone accessories. Obviously, the majority of shoppers have those wonderful gadgets.

And there is a wide variety of items to decorate homes and yards.

I did buy about $10 worth of items--kitchen gadgets and a belt carrier for the iphone.

We found one more geocache nearby. It was named "Blue Hair Bazaar."

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