Friday, January 25, 2013

Interesting Foods

Wednesday we were running errands in Phoenix and needed somewhere to grab a salad or sandwich for lunch. Cairn (our GPS) led us to the Town and Country Mall near 24th and Camelback. We thought Trader Joe's might have a salad bar. They didn't, so we grabbed a sandwich at Blimpe's. On the way, we checked out an interesting farmers' market sponsored by Pinnacle Farms.

It was not the normal, ordinary farmers' market we are used to seeing. Look at all those tomatoes above.

I wish I remembered if this was a turnip or a beet or what. It is a watermelon whatever. Isn't it interesting?

There were carrots of various sizes and colors.

Beets that were white and others that were golden.

This little girl had a normal, orange carrot and she knew it needed to be washed before she could eat it.

These apples were about the size of crab apples.

Look at these oyster mushrooms.

We could have ordered grass fed beef, Arizona range lamb or cage free chicken parts. I wonder if happy, free chickens taste different than those from Sanderson Farms?

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