Thursday, January 24, 2013

All Better Now

Saturday night, when the bank's fraud division called, I was told it would be 7 to 10 days before we received new cards. Yesterday, I called them to find out what would happen to the charges we had made before someone used the stolen card numbers. I was told the new cards had been sent UPS and would arrive today. And they did!

That means it was only 4 days with no credit card. And I learned that all the legitimate charges would go onto the new card, so I won't have so many people to contact and send checks to.

This afternoon I spent two hours changing card numbers on all the accounts that are paid electronically by our credit card--everything from insurance to the newspaper subscription to Kindle books from Amazon. I think I did it all.

We are so pleased with how the bank has responded in all of this. First, they discovered the fraud. We don't know how. But the two fraudulent charges were denied and nothing hit our account. Second, they have explained everything to us and have sent new cards to us in record time, considering the problem was discovered on a weekend and Monday was a holiday. It has taken some of my time, but everything is back to normal--we hope.


  1. Glad you got things straightened out quickly. The same thing happened to us a few weeks ago. The good thing about our AMEX card is although it is the same account, we each have different credit card numbers. Since only my card was compromised we were able to still use Jim's until they FedExed the new card. We were notified on a Saturday, and received the new card on Monday. We were impressed with their service!

  2. Happy that it ended as it did.
    With the HI-Tech today a "reader" carried by pedestrian passing next to you can read your card details even if it is in your wallet.
    There is a metal small wallet that blocks the "reader" from doing this,I use it when we travel.
    Of course there will always be another way to use you card illegally ,what ever one person invents another can override and our jog is to make it difficult as much as we can.