Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Just because we are relaxing in the Arizona sun for the winter doesn't mean we don't face problems once in a while.

Our Dish Network TV signal was working fine for the first 6 weeks we were here. Then the picture began breaking up (pixelating) periodically. But more on that later.

Today, we lifted up the mattress in our bedroom and everything moved--in new ways. We knew there was some sort of problem. We moved the mattress to the side of the bed and saw this.

Anyone who has an RV with under-bed storage knows that space is not supposed to be there. The screws holding the top section of the hinges pulled out of the wood. Oops! Here, John is looking through his screws to see if he could find what he needed. Nope. So we made a trip to Lowe's.

He reattached the first hinge, then tried to lower the mattress support. It wouldn't budge. Apparently, the gas struts were damaged when the hinges came loose. Here, he is unscrewing one end of the strut so we could lower the support.

He had tools, tool boxes and screws everywhere.

After reattaching the second hinge, he went to the internet, trying to find a solution to the inoperable struts.

Then, it was back to the TV problem. We had spent maybe an hour on the phone with Dish Network, trying to fix the bad picture. Finally, they said we would need to find a local technician to troubleshoot our problem. So, we spent $89 on a technician who spent over an hour moving the satellite dish and checking all our hardware. He finally said it had to be the Winegard Carryout dish. So, we ordered a new one. Today, it was delivered.

John assembled it.

And it made no difference at all! We are getting a signal strength of only 32 or 33 for satellite 119. The RV across the road has a signal of 77. And we have a better view of the southern sky than they do.

So, this problem has not been solved yet.


  1. Can you return the dish? We have a friend who just had that problem and she got a new receiver. Not that I'm saying you need a new receiver. Oops.

    1. We finally narrowed the problem to the receiver. Ordered it yesterday, it was shipped overnight, installed today and all is well.