Saturday, December 08, 2012

All Better

Earlier this week, I complained about problems. Everything is back in working order now. And today was a completely ordinary day. Yea.

The new satellite TV antenna that we bought and set up didn't make a bit of difference. We gave it a try for one evening, then decided it wasn't the fix we needed. By that time we had checked out every possible problem--the wiring, the settings, the antenna location, the antenna equipment--except the Dish receiver, our DVR. As Barbara and Ron suggested in a comment, that was the only part of the system we hadn't addressed.

Thursday I called Dish and was routed to a higher level technician. She quickly agreed, the DVR could be the problem. She ordered a new one to be shipped to us. After checking to see how long we had been customers, she even shipped it air overnight and waived the extra charge! We also boxed up the new antenna and shipped it back. The old antenna is back in place.

The DVR arrived about 10 am Friday. After nearly 90 minutes on the phone with Dish to get everything working correctly, we finally have TV that doesn't break up.

Not only that, but John took the gas strut supports for our bed to RV Traders and the head service tech showed him how to reattach them properly. So we can again easily access the under bed storage.

It was so nice to spend all day today not addressing problems!

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