Monday, January 10, 2011

Hardware and History

After we visited the museum in Florence last week, we visited the True Value Hardware there. We were looking for a small hook to hang the mobile we received for Christmas from Eric and Liz. Today John was figuring out exactly where it belonged in this window.

But we spent a lot more time in the store than what was needed to find the hook. The store is a museum, as well as a well-stocked business. This gives you an idea of how many screws, bolts and other hardware they have on hand.

Several really neat old toys are displayed in the front window.

Don't you love the apron and beads in this display?

They have some old school desks along the ramp from the main display floor to the back room.

I don't think I've ever seen a fireman come down a pole into a hardware store before.

The system of belt-driven fans on the ceiling makes me think I might be in Havana 75 years ago.

This shows another one of the fans. It was turning when I took the photo, so some of the blades look a little blurry.

Just look at all these clocks!

In addition to the Pinal County Historical Museum and the hardware store, the old part of Florence has lots of buildings that are on the National Register of Historic Buildings. The city is well worth visiting for a look at Arizona history.

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