Monday, January 31, 2011

Quartzsite #2

Shopping is a really big part of the Quartzsite experience. The Big Tent has about 300 vendors inside and lots more nearby. This was our first view of the tent, seen as we drove across that crowded US 95 bridge.

And this is a view of the inside of the tent.

Several booths advertised that they would help you obtain a concealed weapons permit.

People interested in this kind of recreation might find it difficult to conceal that weapon.

And maybe we would prefer that the chunky dunkers conceal something else.

It seems everyone who owned a dog brought it along on their shopping expeditions.

This little fellow (or girl) was served a spoonful of its owner's ice cream just before I clicked the shutter.

I can't imagine sharing my RV with this dog.

This is only one of many places of shop for rocks and gems. They are pretty, but I don't know where I would put them in our trailer.

This was a popular spot. Who do you suppose picks the patrons up from day care?

The person up in this ultra-light or hang glider was taking pictures of the whole scene. That is how they got the picture of the whole Montana circle that I posted before we went to Q.

I may be a University of Colorado alum (the Colorado buffaloes) but I don't think I could get this mascot in the door of the RV.

I told John I didn't care for his new haircut.

We stopped by the Oasis Books shop since we had heard about the Naked Bookseller. I even think we had seen a story about him, maybe on CBS's 60 Minutes. This is what we saw.

We're glad we drove to the western edge of Arizona to see what the Q experience is all about. But we don't think we'll go there again. As those of you who know us fairly well are aware, spending long hours sitting around talking to our friends or watching a campfire are not things we enjoy. And I think we've seen as many swap-meet booths as we need for the rest of this year. We'll leave those activities to others. But it was interesting.

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  1. Thanks for the tour of Life under the big top.
    You don't want to get me going on your countries gun law (or lack of). It seems your part of the country attracts all kinds of "free spirits".