Monday, August 02, 2010


Anyone who knows what John is doing in this photo knows the frustration he is facing.

Each time we move to a new site and set up the RV for more than a day or two, John pulls out this portable satellite antenna, gets out the compass to find out where north is, enters our zip code in the "point dish" screen on our TV, makes sure the tripod is level, sets three angles on the antenna, then starts looking, actually listening, until he has a strong signal. We turn on the walkie-talkies and when he gets a signal, I tell him how strong it is and what satellite it is from. Often this whole process takes an hour or more.

Finally, the frustration was more than he wanted to deal with. So our first day here at Lathrop, we went on the web and ordered a Winegard Traveler antenna and tripod. Friday it arrived.

The frustration is resolved. While I was working that evening, John was able to set up this wonderful new gadget, hook it up, and wonder of wonders, he immediately had TV reception from all three satellites we need for local stations, HD and all regular channels. The marvelous piece of equipment finds the satellites all by itself. We are so excited!

Friday night, after I came home from the Camp Store at 8, it started to rain. It really poured for a while, then rained lightly most of the night. When John went out Saturday morning to clean fire pits, he found about 3 inches of water in his bucket. That much rain caused a number of problems around the park. This campsite had a lake when the campers woke up.

These folks had a wet sleeping bag they hung on their truck to dry.

The maintenance staff had to pull out the heavy equipment and the shovels to repair road damage in the Yucca primitive camping loop.

Oops, these folks must have had more than their sleeping bags soaked in the rain.

And there was a new lake in the picnic area in front of the Visitor Center.

On Saturday, just as we came back to our trailer for lunch, we received a call that a friend from Denver, Sharon Stewart, was there to see us. We drove down to meet here. Sharon was parish administrator and senior warden when John was rector at St. Gabriel's in Cherry Hills Village. She had been visiting Kathy Boeschenstein, the vicar of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in the nearby town of Westcliffe. They were out for a drive and decided to bring their lunch to Lathrop and see if they could find us. We had such a good time talking that it wasn't till they had driven away that we remembered we hadn't taken their picture.


  1. Did the rain affect your reception on your new gadget?

  2. No, it worked just fine in the rain.