Monday, August 23, 2010


We've been here at Lathrop State Park, at about 6200 ft. elevation, for a month now. We try to run three miles, three times a week. Finally, today, I was able to run the entire three miles. Up until now, the routine has included several periods of walking to catch my breath, during the three mile run. Now I have acclimated to this altitude. It is all down hill from here, literally. We will go to the Denver area, where we till be at about 5700 ft. Then we are off to Arizona where we stay at about 1300 ft.

Our run here is mainly on the Horseshoe Lake dam, a really beautiful place to exercise in the morning.

John took that picture in July, right after we arrived. Here is one I took of him last year, running on the Martin Lake dam here.

Last year we were here in May and June, so many morning were cooler than we have had this year.

In addition to the fact I am now able to run the entire three miles, I am happy to report I haven't had any problem with foot pain in two or three months. I attribute that to taking time off to let the plantar fasciitis heal as well as buying a "boot" that keeps my foot flexed while I sleep so thefoot remains stretched.

I really enjoy being able to run. It feels good to get my heart and lungs working hard. And I feel so good when I'm done. I hope I can keep it up for years to come.

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