Sunday, July 25, 2010

Family and Work

This week we spent three nights at Cherry Creek State Park to run errands and celebrate our daughter-in-law's birthday. Liz, Eric, Kylie and John came over for lunch on Wednesday. Just as we were ready to eat, it started to rain. So we put out the awning and moved our chairs closer together and enjoyed our time together.

Here is Liz with her birthday cake.

The clouds and rain continued off and on into the evening, but just before sunset, the sun came out and produced this beautiful rainbow. It was so close to the trailer, I had to take two pictures to show you the whole thing.

Friday we drove 150 miles south of Denver to Lathrop State Park in Walsenburg, where we will be volunteering through Labor Day Weekend. My main duty is to operate the Camp Store, which is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. One of the camp hosts, Nan, works a couple of shifts and I do the rest. John's main duties are cleaning the fire pits and picking up litter. I will help him some on Fridays and Mondays. That physical labor is something we both enjoy.

Our site at Lathrop is near the maintenance area and the ranger's residence. It is really very private--in our mind much better than being parked in the campground. We feel like we have most of the park's 1594 acres as our private estate. We love the quiet, the beauty and the wildlife that is there. In fact, our first evening here, we went for a walk at sunset and spotted this Black Bear. Because we were so far away and the light was poor, it isn't a very good picture. But is sure was exciting!

Bears have been much more evident in the park this year than they were in 2009 when we volunteered here in May and June. We look forward to seeing them again--from afar. And we hope we don't see them in our campsite.

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  1. What a treat to see a well developed rainbow. I am pleased to read that you are not fearful of black bears. They get such bad press and do many people are afraid of them when in fact the are not a great danger to people who show some common sense and respect around them.