Saturday, July 10, 2010

What Happened?

It isn't supposed to look like this, is it?

That jagged line across the middle where air and water can get in? And I know this is not what it is supposed to look like.

How can we see through that plastic?

How did this happen? We have a 2009 10th Anniversary Edition Montana 5th wheel. The front end cap is shaped so we can make a 90 degree turn without hurting the truck. We have checked several times on tight back-ins and the trailer never touches the back window of the truck. But never say never, because today John was backing the trailer into a site in the Red Tail Campground in Medora, ND, and "pop", we both looked and saw the corner of the trailer had hit the rear truck window. It looked to me like the window was only dented--until we got parked and I looked more closely. Oops!

It could be worse. There is no damage to the trailer and none to the truck except the window. So we are lucky. And thank heavens for plastic and duck tape. Hopefully, we are OK till either Wyoming or Colorado, when we can get the window repaired. But have you ever had to clean up safety glass? It was everywhere!

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  1. Ooops! Just one adventure after another!