Thursday, May 27, 2010

We're Not in Kansas anymore, Toto

Or Colorado or Arizona.

We are in South Carolina and yesterday I went into the local Walgreen's to pick up medicine for our cat, Partner. I noticed spray bottles of something to "Stop the Sting" from Jellyfish. That certainly is not something we would see in Kansas, Colorado or Arizona. At the local Wal Mart, we saw displays of beach towels and buckets to use at the beach, huge coolers and fishing rods for fishing in the surf. As we drive the streets of Myrtle Beach, we have seen several superstores of beach toys and beach wear.

Here we see hookup sites for water yachts, much like the hookups we have for our land yachts. In fact, we have stayed in RV parks with hookup poles for water and electric that look just like what we saw last night.

The fishing boats we see trucks hauling through town are sure a lot bigger than the bass boats we are used to.

These differences are part of what makes it so interesting to live in different parts of the country.

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