Monday, May 17, 2010


Yesterday we parked in this tropical jungle--on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean in a Jacksonville city park, Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park.

John thinks maybe we are in Jurassic Park and a brontosaurus might come out to get us. But we have good electricity and there is hardly anyone here--maybe 15 rigs in a campground with over 200 full-hookup sites.

This sign is posted all over the campground. I can understand not feeding alligators or raccoons. I wouldn't know how to feed a possum--the only ones I have ever seen have been roadkill. But cats? What cats? Why shouldn't we feed them? Maybe they mean big cats? Somewhere near here you can go to view panthers.

After getting set up, we rode our bikes down to the beach. There were quite a few people enjoying the sand and the water.

And lots of sea gulls looking for dinner.

The campground is next to a lake.

I wish I knew what this camouflaged thing floating in the lake was.

Tonight we biked back to the beach. We had it almost to ourselves. There were a few shore birds.

And there were more waves.

Maybe we can do our run along the beach before we leave.

Cairin (our GPS) died about the time we drove into Florida. We bought a new one at the Tallahassee Wal Mart, but when we got it home, it wouldn't turn on. Today we visited a Wal Mart here and traded Cairin II for Cairin III. We really like this Garmin nuvi 1450. And it makes it so much easier to find where we want to go in cities.

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  1. Not far south of there in Guana River State Park, my girls came across a bear while hiking.