Friday, May 07, 2010

The Crimson Tide

We aren't football fans, but for those who are, that should tell you we are in Alabama. In Texas they fly the Lone Star flag. In Alabama they have license plate holders and license plates and other items that reference their favorite college football team with sayings like "Roll Tide."

Tuesday we left Fontainebleu State Park in Louisiana and drove across a little piece of Mississippi to Alabama, where we are staying in the Maeher State Park on Mobile Bay. Alabama is the 20th state in the Union where we have stayed in state parks. What a wonderful thing for RVers.

As we drove through Mississippi and into Alabama, our first question was, "where is Lady Bird Johnson now?" Look at all of these billboards.

Before we even finished setting up, I noticed our 18-year-old gray tabby cat, PC, who has diabetes and has been on insulin for six years, wasn't doing well. He was nearly unconscious on the floor of the RV. I called John in and we decided to take him to a vet. As we drove out, we asked the woman in the gate house where we would find one. She gave us two locations. We decided to check out the first and if it didn't look good we would go on to the second.

The first one we came to, Bay Animal Clinic North, in Spanish Fort, looked good, so we pulled in. When we walked in with PC, we told them we thought our cat was dying. They quickly showed us into an exam room, then took PC to be examined by the vet, Steven Parvin, who was just finishing up surgery. In a short while Dr. Parvin came in to talk to us, then soon they brought PC back to us and we talked to Dr. Parvin even more. I will skip all the details, but the bottom line is, PC's blood sugar level had crashed and he would have died if we hadn't done something about it. By today, after glucose tests and other things over four days, it looks like PC may have reverted, a term meaning he may no longer be diabetic. His blood glucose levels have been checked daily and he has not had an insulin shot since Tuesday morning. He is alert, no longer staggering around and better than he has been for months. Since he no longer needed insulin, his shots made his glucose levels crash.

We can't say enough good things about Dr. Parvin and the other staff at Bay Animal Clinic North. Just a big thank you for all you did.


  1. Always love a story with a happy ending, Hope you get as many more years as possible out of your devoted friend, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

  2. I didn't know that could happen. Now do you have to check his blood sugar regularly to see if he has a relapse?