Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tourists in South Carolina

The Grand Strand is a strip of white sand beach over 60 miles long, including Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where we spent four days. The beaches really are beautiful.

Three mornings there we went to the beach, where John ran three miles a day and I ran some, walked more. It was fun to watch the waves coming in.

We saw people fishing, others trying to surf board, and lots of people walking and running on the beach each morning. We even saw a surf rake, this machine that smooths the beach sand. Is it a Zamboni for sand?

The first morning, as we drove down the main drag, we kept seeing signs like this.

It took a while to find a road that did go through.

Our RV park was right next to Barefoot Landing, a major shopping, dining and entertainment venue in the very touristy section of Myrtle Beach where we were staying. There was a gate we could go through at the park to access Barefoot Landing. We rode by these yachts that people were staying in--just another way to travel.

It was fun to watch this young boy try to ride a mechanical bull--just one of several carnival-type activities..

As we biked around it smelled wonderful--there are lots of restaurants. Since we had already eaten, we decided on an ice cream cone. We should have checked out the price before we placed our order. Here is John enjoying (?) his $4.95 single ice cream cone. Have you ever heard of a cone costing that much?

We were glad we hadn't planned on spending Memorial Day Weekend at Myrtle Beach. It is the weekend for Black Beach Week. Here is a quote from the web site for the event.

Black Bike Week is not only the largest black bike festival in the world but its also the largest black beach week event period. Every Memorial Day Weekend ( May 27-May 31, 2010) over 350,000 bikers travel to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for fun, food, festivities and more. If you love bikes and the people who ride them, you cannot miss this event.

It began Thursday night, our last night there, and all night long--at least until 3 am, we could hear loud motorcycles going up and down the street in front of the RV park. Our park itself, was quiet, but we were next door to a motel that was really loud.

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