Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What a Beautiful Day!

And by that I mean how much beauty we saw today. Before leaving the Corps park we had been staying in for five days, we did our weight-training exercises. As I was doing that I looked out the window and saw the wind wasn't blowing and the lake was sort of foggy and really pretty. I changed my shoes and picked up the camera to take some pictures.

These are two of the views we saw each day, but this morning they were certainly more special.

To get from the Corps park to Goliad State Park, where we are staying for four nights, Cairn (our GPS) took us down FM (Farm to Market) and Texas roads 306, 46, 123, and 119. Most of the time we were on two lane roads with no shoulder. But it was certainly worth it. Texas had an especially wet and cool winter and now everyone is enjoying the benefit of beautiful wildflowers. This is the third time we have been in Texas in April and we have never seen such flowers. The colors were blue, purple, yellow, orange and red. Since there was no place to pull over, some of the photos are blurry, but I had to post them so you get some idea of what we saw today.

We had never seen Goliad State Park, but we read the reviews on and decided it would be a good place to stay while we visited the Texas coast. It is wonderful! We have a 50-amp site with full hookups and it is huge.

This shows the site from our picnic table to the RV. We share this large grassy area, which is twice as wide as this photo shows, with one other site--if it is occupied. We thought the Corps of Engineers site was great. This is even better.

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