Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Visiting New Friends and Moving On

Tomorrow we move on from the Corps of Engineers park where we have been parked since Friday. We have loved the many deer we have seen, the music of birdsong that we hear from before dawn till nightfall, the view of the lake and the shade from many live oak trees. The sun came out today, which makes it even more difficult to move on. But it is difficult to travel if we don't drive to a new place every few days.

In addition to bluebonnets, the local roads are bordered by these beautiful yellow flowers. They aren't poppies, but some sort of small daisy. They sure are pretty.

Sunday we drove to Boerne, a small town originally founded by German immigrants, not too far from where we are staying. We drove by the River Road Park on our way here and again as we drove back into town over the weekend.

Lots of ducks and geese are swimming in the Guadalupe River (I think), which runs through the town. Many people were picnicking in the park.

We enjoyed looking at the shops in town, but we have discovered that since we no longer live in a stick house, there is very little "stuff" we are interested in looking at seriously or buying. A number of the buildings in town remind us of what we saw in New Orleans three years ago.

For the past two years we have been reading a blog called "Art and Connie's RV Adventures." They also have been reading my blog. They gave support and asked questions as we prepared to go on the road full time and we supported them as they performed the same tasks months later. Today we finally met each other. They have been staying in an RV park about 40 miles from here and we drove up to have lunch with them. It was fun to finally see them in person and share stories of our life on the road. We live a rather unusual life and it is good to make contact with people who understand what our life is like. John took this picture of Art, Connie and me after lunch.

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