Sunday, April 18, 2010

What a Difference

...about 600 miles makes. Last Tuesday we left Arizona, where we had been for six months, and drove from Willcox to Las Cruces, NM. When we drove into Las Cruces we noticed a park and path along the Rio Grande River, not far from our RV park. So after getting set up, we drove back there and walked for two miles. It felt good to get the exercise. The Rio Grande begins in the Colorado mountainswhere it is a rushing river. We have stayed by the river near Albuquerque, NM, and at Big Bend National Park. At neither place have we seen much of a stream flow. But at this time of year in Las Cruces it was deep and wide.

We had seen poppies along the highway as we drove to Las Cruces.

Because high winds were predicted for Wednesday along I-10, we spent a second night at the KOA in Las Cruces. We usually avoid KOAs because they are often the most expensive park in town. In Las Cruces they were closer to the bottom of the cost curve there. Although the sites were narrow, everything about the park was immaculate and the staff was just great. It was a good stop.

Thursday we began our 600-mile journey out of the desert we have lived in for six months by driving east on I-10 to Ft. Stockton, TX. The locations of RV parks in West Texas are very widely spaced--miles and miles apart. We have stayed in Ft. Stockton before. This time we chose a Passport America park where we paid $12 for the night, including the extra $2 for 50-amp electric. The park left a lot to be desired in ambiance, but the electric was strong, the rest rooms very clean and the laundry inexpensive and good. That is all we needed. This is the view from our RV site.

Friday we arrived at a Corps of Engineers park in Central Texas. The 600 miles we drove in the two days since leaving Las Cruces brought us from the desert to forests of green trees, green grass, and Bluebonnets! Aren't they beautiful?

This is a view of our trailer with the lake in the background. We have a huge, private site.

This industrious squirrel found a piece of string on a tree just outside our front window. He was trying to remove it--to add to his nest? We don't know.

There is a herd of 16 or more White Tailed Deer that hang out in our part of the park. These are two that we saw yesterday afternoon. They were just outside our trailer again when we opened our shades this morning.

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