Friday, January 22, 2010

This Has Been Amazing

Just after lunch today, we saw a rainbow.

But that didn't mean the rain was over. About 20 minutes ago, it was raining hard and the television weather gurus say it won't clear out until tomorrow morning. But it was good to see the sun and the rainbow, even if the ground had puddles--or maybe even lakes--everywhere.

We went for our morning run in the rain. We learned how to keep on going in the rain during the two months we spent last spring at Gnat Creek Hatchery in western Oregon. There is rained all but about six days of our two-month stay.

After the run, we were able to go on a volunteer-only tour of the Great House at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. Until 1973 the public was allowed to walk through the ruins here. After then, it was closed to public traffic, both to protect the ruins and out of concern for the safety of the public. But the Cultural Resources Staff (read archaeologists) offered to take the new volunteers on a tour today. It was wet and cold, but we did it.

This is Laura, one of the Cultural Resources staff members.

This is what we saw from the inside of the room on the north end of the ruins. The large hole near the ceiling is believed to have been used to observe the setting sun on the summer solstice.

This row of holes shows where the beams were inserted for the ceiling of the second story of the building.

Later in the morning, after we returned to our trailer, I took a picture of the raindrops falling in the pool at the edge of our concrete pad. It is really wet here! We will be glad when the sun returns and we snowbirds can go back to hiking or playing golf.

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