Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I know. I know. I have already told you about our Christmas, the one with no decorations. And I know Christmas really happened almost three weeks ago. When we were opening gifts at our son's house on Christmas day, one gift for us was a picture. Well, yesterday the item pictured in that box arrived. Here you see the package just after we wrestled it out of the 18-wheeled delivery truck onto the rails of our pickup. We were dismayed with how big it was.

We drove--very slowly--the 3/10 mile from the parking lot in front of the visitor center to our RV. As we drove into the volunteer housing compound, it was no surprise that we caught the attention of two couples sitting outside. (Did I mention that yesterday was the warmest day in several weeks?) We were grateful when the two men came to help us unload. Here are Don and Joe helping John removed the packaging.

We then removed our old dining room table from the RV. Here, John is using it to unwrap part of our gift.

What do we have? you ask? It is a combination computer desk/dining table, built for us by Focal Wood Products of Nappanee, Indiana. Click on the link to see the fine furniture them build for RVs. Here it is, set up in our RV. We still have a shelf to install in the open area and doors that close off that open area. You can see the table extended with a leaf for use at dinner time. When we remove the leaf, it only extends about 18 inches from the desk. We are so delighted with our gift. It was worth the wait.

There was one more special thing that happened yesterday. After hours and hours of research last spring and summer and more hours of writing, yesterday I gave my first guided interpretive tour at Casa Grand Ruins! John will give his first tour on Sunday.

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  1. WEll aren't you lucky. When I first saw the box I said to myself. "It can't be a snowmobile. Maybe it is a 4 wheeler. I would never have thought of such a lovely and useful piece of furniture.