Thursday, January 28, 2010

Full-timing For One Year

One year ago today we watched our furniture, books, dishes and kitchen ware taken off to storage. After a quick vacuum and photos of the empty rooms,

we climbed into our truck and pulled our 36-foot Montana fifth-wheel trailer to Chatfield State Park, about 11 miles west of our house.

Now we have been on the road fulltime for a year. And we love it!

Our empty house finally rented May 1 and we have a two-year lease on it. We are grateful for that lease and for our son who takes care of the property. We hope it stays rented for a really long time

We really haven’t put on a lot of miles—we have only pulled the RV about 4,200 miles in that time. We’ve spent time in Arizona, Colorado, Utah and Montana and passed through New Mexico, Wyoming and Nevada. We also spent one night in Idaho. It looks like Arizona is our favorite state. We have been here for five and one-half months, last winter-spring and from mid-October to now. For six and one-half months we have volunteered. Right now, we think that was too much work in one year, so after we finish our volunteer assignment at Casa Grande Ruins we are planning to drive along the southern US border to the East Coast, then up the coast to visit our son and his wife and our two granddaughters in Massachusetts.

We’ve made a lot of changes in our small, movable home: new leather recliners, new flooring,

a combination computer desk/table.

Several times a week we look at each other and say—isn’t this wonderful? We don’t need any more space than this. We’re so glad we are full-timers. We think our two feline companions agree. It has been a good year for PC and Partner, too.


  1. Congrats and Happy Anniversary on your first year of fulltiming. It is a wonderful lifestyle, isn't it and so much more freeing now that you don't have to meander back to the house.

    I am sure your next year will be a good one. Hope to meet you on the road some day.

    Connie and Art

  2. Congratulations! You seem to have everything worked out to your mutual satisfaction.

    I may get to travel a little this year. My lady friend want to take me to Belgium in May, then England, then Barbados. All her favourite places. I keep suggesting travelling the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway and visit friends along the way. I may even intecept my brother and his wife who will be hiking the length of the Appalachian Trai. beginning in March.