Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rain in the Desert

Here we are in the desert. Last year Coolidge, the town where Casa Grand Ruins National Monument is located, received only 3.97 inches of rain. A week ago, no rain had falled in 2010. That has changed this week. Here is a picture of the Great House this morning.

That really is a great big puddle of water reflecting an image of the 700-year-old ruins. In the past week we have received 1.27 inches of rain, 0.48 inches last night. From about 11 to 11:30 pm it rained hard and the wind blew. For that half hour it kept me awake. I am sure it rained for longer than that, but it wasn't loud enough to keep me from sleeping.

If you are watching the national weather you know California is expecting lots of rain in the next few days. Those storms head straight from southern California to Arizona. They expect 1-2 feet of snow in the northern mountains, several inches of rain in Phoenix. We are south of Phoenix and we probably won't get that much rain. But is will still be significant.

You really should drive only 5 mph when you go into the maintenance compound here.

I hope the workers don't want to eat lunch at this picnic table tomorrow.

We have lived most of our life in Colorado. When a big snow storm is coming, the TV newscasts cover it ad nauseum That is what we are seeing here, as they warn of flooding and possible power outages. Local fire stations and other locations in the Phoenix area have brought in piles of sand so residents can fill sand bags to protect their homes and businesses. That is different from worrying about slippery roads and heavy snow.

We lead tours here at the Ruins and talk about the years when heavy rain deepened the river channels and other years when there was drought. Southern Arizona has had several years of drought. This week, at least, there are heavy rains. We are learning what it is like to live in a new environment. "Turn around, Don't Drown" is the slogan for avoiding flooded areas on the road. We've seen the signs. Maybe this week we see what they are talking about.

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  1. I always said I wanted to see the washes running, but not through my yard.