Monday, December 14, 2009

We Made It

It was a long, cold trip, but we made it to Colorado from Mesa. Because of a massive winter storm, we had to first go south to go north. We drove south to Tucson, east to Deming, NM, then north to Truth or Consequences, NM.

It isn’t easy finding a motel for two humans and two cats, but we did—the Motel 6 there. After a short night, with cats crawling on us and wandering around to check out the strange environment, I walked next door to McDonalds at 5:30 am for coffee and breakfast. Then we were headed on north.

By the time we passed through Albuquerque, we could see evidence of the previous day’s storm. We can up on this overturned semi in the median.

This shows the blowing snow on the highway.

We have lived all our lives in Colorado (with 3 years in Wisconsin) and have always enjoyed winter. Now we like the warmth of Arizona. But the next day we did get to see the beauty of winter snow, seen in this view of the Sangre de Cristos in southern Colorado.

We spent our second night at another Motel 6 in Raton, NM. Again, there was a McDonalds nearby—thankfully they open earlier than the motels put out the morning coffee at 6 am. However, it was a cold walk at about 14 degrees. We thought about calling our son and telling him we really tried to come to his graduation, but we changed our minds and were going back to Arizona. We thought better of that and drove on to Denver.

Now we are in a pet-friendly motel for 16 days. We hope both the cats and we adjust.

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