Monday, December 28, 2009

Images of Christmas 2009

We are back in Arizona, but we have so many images of our two+ weeks in Colorado for Christmas.

Kylie, her mom Liz and I went to High Tea at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver. We joined a number of Kylie's friends and their mothers that day. The Brown is The place to go in Denver if you want history and tradition and elegance.

Earlier in the week, John and I spent the morning with our grandchildren while their parents went Christmas shopping.

Kylie and I made Flying Frog Pudding, using a recipe in a book we gave Kylie earlier this year. First we made the green goo (which really tasted just fine), then Kylie served it to us.

No time with the grandchildren would be complete unless they wrestled with their Papa.

Early Christmas morning (we had to leave our motel in time to arrive by 6:30 am), the tree was surrounded by numerous gifts from Santa and from family.

Kylie received a guitar.

John made a hot pad out of beans for his mother.

Eric and Liz are both fans of the Grateful Dead. This monopoly game was one of Eric's gifts.

John is trying to use his Leapster2.

Nana, Papa and Kylie helped John learn how to play the Sorry game he received.

Papa spent about an hour and a half playing Eric's Grateful Dead-Opoly with Kylie. Monopoly really helps 9- and 10-year-olds practice their math with money.

This shows you why we like to spend the winter in Arizona! It was cold in Denver.

This shows you most of the motel room where we lived for 16 days. Small, but adequate with a kitchen, bathroom, bed, and a way to confine the cats when we were away.

The exercise room at the motel helped us keep our perspective and work off the calories during our visit.

The images of our Christmas Eve worship at Bethany Lutheran Church with our son and his wife and their children are in our hearts and minds, but not in the camera. The service was beautiful and meaningful, in a setting decked with lighted trees and numerous red and white poinsettias. That thanksgiving for the birth of Jesus Christ, Our Savior, is really what it is all about, isn't it?

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