Saturday, December 19, 2009

More of Our Grandchildren

During the last two days we have seen more of our grandchildren. Friday we drove to John's preschool, The Willows, by 8:30 am, to listen to his Christmas concert. During the last week before Christmas vacation, the boys and girls at the Willows sing Christmas and Hanukkah song for family and friends. This is the same preschool his big sister Kylie attended, so we have come here in years past.

It is really fun to come year after year and see how the children mature. John and his best friend, Patrick, are always together. Patrick lives across the street from John and they had the same nanny for 2 years or more. This is a photo from the last song they sang, "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." John is waving good-bye. Patrick is to his right.

All of the children in the preschool take part in the concert. The preschool allows religious expression, including singing grace before lunch. So many of the songs in the holiday concert are religious. In today's world, that is refreshing. Here is a picture of the whole group.

Today we watched Kylie in a swim meet. She is really good. This is a picture of the board showing that the swimmer in Lane 4, Kylie, took first place in the 200 meter freestyle race, in 1 minute, 23.71 seconds.

A sign of her drive and confidence is the words she had written on her back:

The swimmers all write the event number, heat number and lane on their arms. Kylie added that challenge to her back.

Kylie plays soccer, basketball, as well as swimming and tennis. She is really strong and you can see her muscles when she wears a swim suit. Look at those shoulders!

Notice how John is paying rapt attention to the words of wisdom his dad is sharing with Kylie.

We've had two more great days of grandparent time--one of the main reasons for being in Colorado.

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