Tuesday, December 01, 2009

RVing Friends

The world of full-time and long-time RVers is relatively small and there aren't a lot of people to share your experiences with who really understand. There are some exceptions. If you stay in an Escapees park, you will find a lot of kindred souls. Sometimes you encounter them in work camping assignments. In any RV or state park where we stay, we meet others and it is possible to have an active engagement with those people. For some RVers, an evening campfire with anyone and everyone in the park is just their cup of tea. But it isn't ours. So this life could be lonely.

After we had been on the road for many months, several years in a row, we discovered Hitchitch.com, a web site with links to many RV blogs by RVers, sharing their lifestyle. It provided us a way to read about the trials, tribulations and multitudes of rewards of the life we were living, too. We started reading those blogs regularly and after a while some of the people seem like old friends. We see their photo at the top of the blog and read about their life, get to look at pictures of their adventures. It seems like we know them.

Well, today, for the first time, we met a couple who we have been reading about for 18 months or longer. Since September Ron and Barbara have been traveling in the same states we have and once, we learned later from reading each other's blogs, we were parked within a few miles of one another in the southern tip of Nevada. They winter in the Phoenix Valley of the Sun and that is where we will be all winter, as well. It was high time we met them.

It has taken about three to four weeks to make it happen, but today we had lunch together at a Garcia's Restaurant in Mesa. We instantly recognized each other, since we "see" each other every time we read a blog. And we talked non-stop for nearly three hours. What fun!

John took a picture of Barbara, Ron and me in front of the restaurant after lunch. We looked for someone to take a picture of all four of us, but we had talked for so long after lunch, not a single wait staff member could be found.


  1. Wish I was there! I miss my sis.

  2. We had a grand time, didn't we? We'll have to do it again after Christmas.

  3. It is nice to meet blogging friends.
    I have a handfull of them who I feel I really know and hope to meet some day. I have come close but it has yet to work out.