Friday, April 03, 2009

Thank-yous and Flames

Last week we led two groups of 4th graders from the St. Peter's Indian Mission School on a tour of the Ruins. When we arrived at work on Monday this week we found a stack of thank-you notes from the boys and girls. It really warmed our hearts to read comments such as:

"I hope I see you some time next time."

"Thank you for being nice to me."

"I had lots of fun."

"God bless you."

"I hope you have a good day."

"I really loved it."

Their notes had either colored pictures of Casa Grande Ruins or their own drawings on the front.

One day last week we hiked on Picacho Peak. The small mountain is an old volcanic deposit and is located in an Arizona State Park. It was a nice hike. There are lots of Saguaro cacti on the hillside. Here and there we saw what looked like bright red bursts of flame. But it wasn't a wildfire starting on the peak, it was the flowers on the Ocotillo. They are so pretty.

This is a photo of the lower part of Picacho Peak.

These are the flames we spotted.

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