Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Rally is Over

        The Rally is over.  After doing our weight training, we hooked up and left about 9 am.  A good number of people left yesterday afternoon.  Some were driving out at 6 this morning. 


        Sunday we didn't go into the exhibits at the Expo Center.  Instead, after a leisurely morning of worship and a good lunch, we drove to the Rio Grande Nature Preserve State Park along the Rio Grande River.  We were able to walk over two miles on the trails there.  We saw a Coopers Hawk and watched the muddy Rio Grande flowing by.  Friday's rain probably caused the mud.


        Monday we returned to The Rally with a vengeance.  At 8:30 in the morning we attended a seminar on electrical basics.  At 10:30, I went to a seminar on managing digital photos with Picasa; John went to one showing the many ways Velcro (hook and loop tape) can be used in an RV. In between the two seminar sessions, we bought extended service plans for both our RV and tow vehicle from the Good Sam Club.  We shopped some more, buying Velcro, a water pressure gauge and some picture frames that stay on the walls as we travel.


        We are glad we came to The Rally.  It was good to have so many vendors in the same area and the seminars we attended were helpful.  But we probably won't do another rally this way.  A big focus of the rally is socializing, being with people.  That really isn't our thing.  We rarely attend anything in the evening, so the nighttime entertainment was wasted on us. 


        If we attend another rally, we will stay in a nearby RV park and come in for a couple of days to shop and attend seminars.  We had to come here to learn what is valuable to us and what is not.


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