Thursday, April 09, 2009

Last Week at Casa Grande Ruins

This was our last week at Casa Grande Ruins the year. One of our projects the last two weeks was assembling thank-you plaques to be given to people who were involved with the American Indian Music Fest that was held here in February. It took place before we came. Last week, we glued the print of the festival poster on the plaques. This week, we drilled holes to install hooks to attach the small flutes to the plaques.

It was a fun project and we felt good about what we accomplished. And we look forward to attending the Festival next year, when we return to volunteer January to April.

April is when we celebrate Earth Day, so we thought picking up trash on the edge of the Ruins grounds would be a good activity this week. There is a small shopping center across the street from the monument entrance. It includes two fast-food restaurants. That leads to lots of napkins, food wrappers and Styrofoam cups to blow around in the frequent Arizona wind storms. We filled four bags with trash in two mornings.

We will stay here till Monday morning, and then head to Albuquerque, where we will attend "The Rally," an annual gathering bringing together RVers from all over the country. We have never attended one before, so we don't know what to expect. I'll tell you about it next week.

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  1. I suppose the "Rally" will be calmer than the Biker Rally in Sturgis every year. Have a good time anyway!