Sunday, April 05, 2009

Arizona Grapefruit

I don't often buy grapefruit or oranges. I do drink orange juice. But since we arrived in Arizona in early February, I have wondered what one of those fruits would taste like it I picked it off the tree.

I still don't know. But we have been eating local grapefruit. For the last three weeks we have attended the coffee hour after the 10 am service at St. Michael's Episcopal Church in Coolidge. Each week, there on the table was a large crate of grapefruit. So we took a couple of the ruby reds home and enjoyed them. What a treat! Today, when I took two, the man who grew them said, "Please take more." I didn't, but before next week I will ask those we work with here if they would like us to pick up some for them, as well. I want to be sure they will find a home. I don't want to be responsible for the fruit being wasted.

Fresh ruby red grapefruit is great!


  1. That man wasn't just being nice. We have discovered that as soon as you acquire a fruit bearing tree, you immediately start asking everyone if they want any. It's a real responsibility to make sure it doesn't go to waste. We have one grapefruit, one lemon, and two orange trees. It was a challenge, but we got rid of it all - even the lemons.

  2. I'll take a crate!

    We are still having snowstorms here in the Great White North.