Monday, February 26, 2018

A Mistake--Corrected

When we first moved in to our Gold Canyon house, we decided the washer and dryer should be located in the small shop we had added to the building.  That allowed us to use the closet in the house which was designed and plumbed for the washer and dryer to be used to store other things.


We didn't think about how much dust we would produce.  If you look closely at the lower right corner of the photo below, you can see our wood lathe.  That really makes a mess.  That meant that any clothing we happened to drop on the floor--or even wipe across the size of the washer--picked up dust.

In January we got rid of the old Frigidaire washer and dryer and replaced it with these stackable GE appliances.  When the units were delivered, they went to install them in the designated closet but saw there was no  dryer vent installed, they said all they could do was install them back in the same place in the shop.  That was not what we wanted.

We found a handyman to do the work for us. Michael came and gave us an estimate for the work. We said, "go ahead and do it." Then we had to postpone our appointment so we could return to Colorado for Kendal's funeral. Next, Michael caught the flu. Finally he came, put in the duct work, and moved the washer and dryer. This tool cabinet takes the place where the washer has been. The belt sander sitting on it's top is another reason the shop is so dirty.

And here is our newly installed washer and dryer.  They both operate very quietly, but now I can watch and see when a load is done without having to go back out to the shop several times to check.  And the floor in front of the appliances is a lot cleaner than in the shop.  Yea!  We corrected our mistake.


  1. They always say that you learn by your mistakes. Glad it wasn't too costly.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.