Friday, November 03, 2017

This Is Better

Soon after we returned to our winter home in Gold Canyon , we took our Airstream trailer to the Mesa Airstream dealer, Desert Autoplex on Oct. 2, to get a window awning installed on the off-door side of the trailer and for some warranty repairs.  We made the appointment weeks ahead of time, thinking they would be able to start on the issues right away.

That left a big empty area on our patio.

Even with the appointment for repairs on that date, apparently that meant we were in the line behind all the RVs already checked in for repairs. At least we didn't have plans for any travel during October. It was mid-month before the work began. Finally, on Halloween, the trailer was ready! We went to get it, checked each item to be sure repairs had been made, and brought it back to our lot.

This looks right, now. This is what our space is supposed to look like.

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