Sunday, November 26, 2017

Family, Friends and Food

We celebrated Thanksgiving at the home of my cousin Deanna and her husband Don and their neighbors. It was a beautiful, sunny Arizona day and we visited and ate on their patio.

Don and Deanna are real animal lovers.  They rescue dogs--large dogs.  Today they only have 3 at their home.  Within the last few months 2 others have died.  These dogs were quiet and very interested in what was going about 20 feet beyond their enclosure.  Usually, they are loose in the yard or in the house.

They also have 3 large turtles in another enclosure.  These animals are very friendly and enjoy having their necks scratched.  We have never before seen turtles this large as pets.

All of the guests brought food to eat so we had quite a spread--including smoked ham and turkey.

The next day we had  to work off some of what we had eaten so we walked from our resort to Silly Mountain and back with our friends John and Rose.  The trip is about 3 miles round trip.

This saguaro reminded me of a menorah, except it was missing some arms.

As you can see, everyone enjoyed the walk and the talk.  This was taken at the end of our journey.

We give thanks for so many things in our life, including for family, friends, being able to spend our winters in the beautiful Arizona desert, and good food.

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